When in Ukraine, be like one of them

Proud of her perfect body. Rear view of attractive young brown hair woman in red bikini posing against white backgroundIn order to get to know girls from Ukraine, it is recommended to go to Ukraine and experience the whole thing in person. On line dating sites are a great way to get to know some of them, but ultimately, it always comes down to the same thing- going to Ukraine and having that “face to face” kind of date. And before getting into adventure like that, there are some things that are worth mentioning.

Places to visit in Ukraine

No matter if your goal is to find a true love or someone for a one-night stand, the procedure is the same. The only difference is whether you know the language or not. If you don’t know the language, the best thing is to visit places the tourists usually do- foreign pubs, foreign restaurants, sightseeings and monuments.. In those kind of places is the greatest probability to meet Ukrainian ladies that speak English. And if you do know the language, you can widen your horizon to all other pubs and clubs as well. But, it might happen that you’ll get to meet girls that wouldn’t want to speak in their own language but would rather speak English. Anyhow, you’ll get to know the girls.

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Getting the attention of Ukrainian ladies

If you are in a bar and you happen to have Australian or British accent, you won’t have the problem with getting to know some Ukrainian girls. Most of them find those accents very attractive and cute, and there is a possibility that they will approach you first. What gets their attention also is the way a man is dressed. Since the men in Ukraine are mostly formally dressed, they are used to seeing that kind of clothing on a man. Seeing a man in baggy and pop-culture influenced kind of clothes isn’t actually what they are looking for. Ukrainian ladies dedicate a lot of time to the way they look and they expect nothing less from a man. He needs to be nicely dressed, well groomed and tidy. Fulfill this request and you won’t be able to get rid of them.

Different customs and reactions

When it comes to the way they live, you’ll see that women in Ukraine have a lot different view on the life and that they behave differently than women from, for example, western cultures. First there is the way they dress, which can be described as “looking like a prostitute”. Their clothes is tight and shows curves and skin- all in order to get a man’s attention. Then there is the way they behave. Ukrainian girls aren’t raised in strictly traditional environment and don’t have strict moral norms and traditions. So, they are more liberal in behavior when it comes to getting into a physical relationship before getting married. Also, since their social gender roles are pretty flexible, Ukrainian men and women tend to take on gender roles from other cultures. And it turns out that what suits them the most are those traditional roles where a man goes to work and earns money and women stay at home and cooks, take care of kids. So, don’t be surprised when you figure out that you should pay for the date, dinner, basically whatever your Ukrainian lady might need.



Dating and relationships in Ukraine

When it comes to finally finding a person you feel comfortable dating, be sure that she has the same view on the relationship as you do. Most of Ukrainian ladies like having simple, traditional relationships, where they date one guy, who they will one day marry. Besides them, there is a small number of those, who prefer to keep their relationships “open”, which means, they want to date more than one person. And there are those, usually only in bigger cities, who are called “swingers”. They tend to spend time with the same type of people, and they like sharing their partners once in a while. So, if you don’t want to share your darling with anyone, it is a good thing to let her know right away.

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