Why your niceness kills the attraction between you and the Ukrainian girl

Being too nice kills attraction. When you present a Ukrainian woman an extremely nice guy’s image, it’s harder for you to communicate your sexual interest. If you try to send her provocative text messages later, she will have cognitive dissonance in her head!

When women are reading erotica, we are not looking for a nice guy. We only enjoy reading erotic stories about dangerous and sexy men because that’s our real fantasy! —— Jade Seashell

  • Why are you being nice? Honestly, being nice is okay because it shows you are generous and caring; you are happy and at ease with yourself, so there is nothing wrong with that. However, at the same time, you also need to ask yourself, “Why am I being nice? Am I being nice because I’m caring and generous? Or am I being nice because I want to get something more from this Ukrainian beauty?” Nine men out of ten know that they are being nice only because they want more from women. Most men are nice to women simply because they want to make women think they are good men, hoping women will be attracted to them. They are scared of women not liking them. All of these reasons are based on fear. Fear never makes a guy attractive. Never underestimate Ukrainian ladies’ intuition. Women from Ukraine can feel the root of a guy’s nice image.
  • A feminine Ukrainian stunner is always looking for the masculine energy that can ground her. Yes, some ladies from Ukraine may test you by asking, “Which café should we have coffee tomorrow morning?” If you hesitate and can’t give her an answer quickly or if you refuse to choose a café for her, she will begin to think, “In the future, if we are in situations where my man needs to have backbone/spine, will he be able to do it?”
  • Have boundaries and standards. When you have boundaries instead of making your schedule all flexible for a girl from Ukraine, she should feel more relaxed because she will see you are a guy that she can rely on. Therefore, you must have standards and boundaries if you want to attract beauties from Ukraine.
  • The powerful mix. Ukrainian girls should like you not because you are nice, but because you are loving and generous & meanwhile, you are also a tough guy who can handle difficult situations very well. Yes, it’s a mixture: Girls from Ukraine like a man who can be sweet and soft, and can also be tough and hard. This guy has the integrity to stand up for what he believes in. That’s a very powerful mix! Stunners from Ukraine don’t like assholes either. A beauty from Ukraine just likes a real gentleman who shows harder aspects of his personality because that tells her this guy is an alpha guy.
  • Change your language. A man who suffers from The Nice Guy Syndrome says, “Hello beautiful, I really like you!” In this way, he gives away all his power because now this woman from Ukraine knows that she has got him & she doesn’t need to invest in him anymore. In contrast, an alpha guy who is the powerful mix says, “You look dangerous. I’m not sure whether we can get along.” When he says this, he looks at the Ukrainian woman’s eyes with sexual tension. Yes, words such as “dangerous”, “sexy”, “hot” and “trouble” all communicate sexual tension under the radar!

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